Stop 205 - Mojotech

Mojotech, 1987
Mixed media assemblage
Courtesy the artist and Roberts Projects, Los Angeles

In the futuristic, altar-like panels of Mojotech, Saar combines ritual and spirituality with elements of technology. Created while Saar was artist-in-residence at the List Visual Arts Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the installation’s title is inspired by the lines of an old blues songs: “I got my mojo workin’ . . . I’m gonna use it on you.” In some Vodou-based beliefs, “mojo” describes an amulet or charm that is charged with powers. In the installation, Saar gathers numerous objects that might serve as mojos, such as bones, candles, and votives that she collected in Mexico, India, and Africa, but also computer circuit boards, cables, copper coils, and old radio parts. Drawing parallels between ancient beliefs in rituals and our modern belief in technology, Mojotech interprets technology, according to Saar, “as an element of magic” in our everyday lives.

Mojotech, 1987

  • 205 - Mojotech, 1987

  • <p>Betye Saar, <em>Mojotech</em>, 1987. Mixed media assemblage, 76 x 294 x 16 in. Courtesy the artist and Roberts Projects, Los Angeles.</p>